Unattended robot using Google Cloud


I found information about using Google Cloud instead of Orchestrator to store and run Attended robots. Can Google Cloud be used to run Unattended robots?


Hi @Jom4ick

Could you clarify what do you mean by:

It made me confused, becase an attended/unattended robots are basically a Windows machines. The machine can be a physical one, but it can just as well be virtual in any of the available cloud solution out there. The only requirement here is for that VM to be able to connect to the Orchestrator server somewhere else (wherever it is, again, physical server machine in your office, or a virtual one somewhere in the cloud).

As i saw from this page Google Cloud provides you to deploy Robot and Studio on it. Thats why i asking about it.

I believe to get more info, you should use this form here :slight_smile: