Unattended robot that starts automatically every time a pdf opens

Hi, is it possible to program a Robot, so that he waits until a pdf opens and then he starts? If he finishes he goes back to waiting until the next pdf is opened. This would be more convenient for an employee than if he has to start it again and again when a pdf is opened.


Considering that you are using RE framework,

In the Get Transaction State, Place a Find Element activity with a wait out time (make sure that you are opening pdf document in that time frame).

Once the element found, move to Process transaction state, once the process is completed. go to get transaction state again.

If the pdf is found again in that time frame, the robot will continue.

Karthik Byggari

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Hi Karthik, thanks for the reply.
Is it possible to have a stable solution that could wait for e.g. 20 minutes?

EDIT: Started another thread.

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