Unattended Robot - Test Limitations

Hi guys,

I want to understand the difference between the Unattended Robot license and the Unattended Robot Test License but the other posts I saw in the forum and the online documentation are not very clear.

Do you any of you have experience with the Unattended Robot Test license ?
If so, can you clarify what are the limitations of this license ?

Thank you in advance

You can Unattended licenses to run the process in Orchestrator.

for testing and process the licenses allocations are different
you can set up licenses as per your requirement.

licenses for testing are separately allocated for test the automation (eg. test suits)
unattended licenses are used for running process.

But according to the license page this, the unattended test license can run automations that are being developed and on the QA fase. My question is regarding the limitations for the license because this page is not clear enough