Unattended robot seems to work with any user password

Hey, I have a very simple scenario: one unattended robot connected to a cloud orchestrator on platform.uipath.com. I’m starting jobs using the API. Today I’ve configured a robot with the wrong user password (I mean the Windows user password) and I had the surprise that it worked. I’ve deleted the robot, re-configured it again with the wrong password and it still works. I’ve checked that the same behavior did not apply for 2019.4.4 but now for 2019.10.0 it works.

So, is this intended behavior or a bug? Or is the password now needed only when the robot has to actually create a new session? (I’ve only tested in a logged in session)


Hi @RazvanDinu,
Can you show us the robot configuration and workflow example?

Where you already logged in on that computer? The robot setting is “log in to console”?

Hi @RazvanDinu

I’ve only tested in a logged in session

As far as I’m aware, this is expected behaviour. Orchestrator will take over any open user session on a VM that you are already logged into.

Yes. I was logged in. “Login to Console” was set to “No”:

For me it makes sense to be like this. If there is an active user session, the robot should work in that session. But I know before 2019.10 it was not the case. The robot would complain that the user/password combination was wrong.

I can create as screen recording if you think this helps.

Sure :slight_smile: