Unattended Robot - Process Requires Interaction

I have built a process that will happily run on its own.

When triggered it

  • Looks in a folder
    Logs into a website
    finds the correct company (based on the file name)
    clicks through a series of webpages and uploads the file to the website

When publishing the process to Orcastrator it shows up as requiring user interaction.

My question is, because I am using actions that require the UI interaction (click image etc…) will this process always “require user interaction” and so unable to deploy to an unattended robot?



Check the license is Unattended / Attended Robot

If it is unattended then can you share your screens to better understanding

Hope this helps you


Hi @Srini84

Within Orcastrator I can only assign Unattended (I don’t have any attended licences ) just wondering if my interpretation is wrong on unattended was wrong


Can you share the logs screens where you getting error?



Im not sure its an error, its probably workign as intended, but when I upload my process is shows as requiring human interactions (icon on the left)

Because of this (perhaps incorrectly) I am wondering does this limit me from running it on an unattended robot?