Unattended Robot - Monitoring of emails

Hi, I’m currently working on an automation project which will constantly monitor a folder in Outlook and download emails with attachments to a folder on the network…
My concern is, as you can expect, downloading SPAM or malware in general to the company’s network.
I was wondering if anyone have implemented something like this before and how they dealt with the inappropriate files they might receive?

Any feed backs much appreciated.


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I guess you have antivirus/malware on your server, and in your mail server, so no worries…

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Yes, we do…I know for most cases the antivirus will be enough. But being probably a bit pessimistic myself here, I would like to have another “layer” of security if possible. Just asking if anyone has done anything in additional to the antivirus?

i dont see what would be safer than an antivirus…

My idea is to work with a white list. Only email addresses on that list will be allowed to send emails to the the mailbox that is being monitored by the unattended robot. Just think it will make things safer. But thanks for your help. I do agree the antivirus is the most effective option anyway!

its really interesting
actually you are correct
there is a possibility to infarct with spam or malware , having antivirus will low your risk but we cannot guarantee with a 100%
because even human can be infected not only download email but also the opening the emails

so make sure that and coordinate with your administrator who manage application and antivirus that the keeping virus signature database always updates on the antivirus

as you mention its better to be white listed and filter the relevant emails if possible

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no idea if it easier for you, buy you can actually use the filter in the email activity to make a white list also. So anyone can send email, but the robot will read only the emails from the white list

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Many thanks for this. I shall look further into this option!

Do you have a sample process you could share on how to do this ?

use UiPath.Mail.Outlook.Activities.GetOutlookMailMessages (there prob other option than Outlook that use the same filter)

In the Filter field:

“[From]=‘test123@hotmail.com’ OR [From]=‘test456@hotmail.com’ OR [From]=‘test789@hotmail.com’”

Only the email sent by test123@hotmail.com, test456@hotmail.com and test789@hotmail.com will be read.

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