Unattended robot in web service


I want to automate a process which starts when a web service detects an incident.
I want the robot to be executed when, as I said, there is an incident in the web service. To do this, my first idea was to have a continuous process checking (with GET messages) if the web service has an incident or not.
However, I was wondering if there is any way in which I would not need to have this robot checking every time, and if the web service could launch a trigger in some and then, start the process.

I do not have an orchestrator.

Thank you so much.

@Natlizaso1 Refer below link


I’ve already seen that video but thank you anyways.
I understand how Uipath works with Web service, but in all the examples I’ve seen, you “call” the web service from UiPath using a UiPath Activity and it returns the information.
My question is if I could do it the other way round, I mean, if the web service could call the robot when something happens and then the robot will ask for information.

Thanks again,