Unattended Robot Fails to Start Under Proxy with Error: The Connection Failed at Negotiating Security Settings. Last error 131084

Issue Description: Post the installation of UiPath version 2020.10, the Unattended Execution of Robots written in the new Version . The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required .

Troubleshooting Step: If starting the job from Orchestrator while the RDP session is active, it runs successfully. The Robot just attaches to the existing RDP session and it runs it. However, if signing out the RDP session and on starting the job from Orchestrator, the Robot will not log in and the job will fail: Could not start executor. RDP connection failed. Message: "The connection failed at negotiating security settings. Last error 131084."

Resolution : Execute the windows command netsh winhttp reset proxy as Administrator.

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