Unattended Robot doesn't work in a different location


I’m attempting to use an Unattended Robot from Orchestrator on my personal laptop, which is set up as the machine.

I’ve set a daily trigger time for automatic activation. However, I’ve encountered an issue: the robot doesn’t run when my laptop is in a location other than my home. How can I address this?

Hi @Carla_Munoz

  • If your Unattended Robot is not running when your laptop is outside your home location, it’s likely because the Orchestrator is unable to connect to your laptop due to network or firewall restrictions

  • Also Ensure that your laptop has a consistent way to be reached from Orchestrator, even when it’s outside your home network. This can be done by setting up a static IP address or configuring dynamic DNS (DDNS) if your laptop’s IP address changes when you move

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The title of this post is the actual reason for the failure
If u r running a bot in unattended mode it has to be in a network zone
Only then robot service agent gets triggered from orchestrator as this web platform works on internet only
So make sure u have the network available to the computer so that u won’t face this

Cheers @Carla_Munoz

Okay thank you!! I will try this

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Sorry i tried to find where to set my static IP Adress … where i can find that?


Are you facing this Issue In your Project or for your Personal Practice ?

i facing the issue in the Project


Have you provided your home network IP to client while setting up your laptop as the machine?

If yes, it won’t work on any network other than your’s.

No… I only configured the machine and the account to run the project unattended; I didn’t do anything else.

Hi @Carla_Munoz

This issue generally arises if :

  • Your organization uses a VPN (Virtual Private Network), ensure that you are connected to the VPN when running the Unattended Robot from a location other than your home. Some Orchestrator instances and robots may require VPN access to function properly.

  • Or, Check if your organization has specific firewall or proxy settings that might restrict robot access from external locations. Ensure that these settings are properly configured to allow connectivity to Orchestrator.

  • Verify that the machine key associated with your machine in Orchestrator is correctly configured. If it’s set to a specific IP address, it may not work when your laptop is in a different location. You can try setting it to “Auto” to allow connections from anywhere.

  • Ensure that the UiPath Robot service connected to Orchestrator Properly

If you’re unable to resolve the issue by above steps, consider reaching out to your organization’s IT support or UiPath support for further assistance.