Unattended Robot does only get empty string from "get text"

Hi, I have an unattended bot that only gets an empty string from “get text” and also from “screen scraping”. When I start it in attended mode it gets the text correctly? Do you know what could be the problem with the unattended mode?

Does your unattended bot run on a different environment? Perhaps environmental differences are the issue

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Could have been a reason but strangely it is the exact same environment.

well i think it must be because of the page from where we are trying to extract data
–we need to make sure the page from we are trying to get must be maximized when it is running as unattended bot, as the reason might by like the screen gets minimized when we are trying to screen scrape, so use a activity called MAXIMIZE WINDOW activity as a first activity before all the activities that would make sure that the window gets maximized…
–and the reason why we get in attended bot is the screen gets visible so it scrapes and we are getting the output

Kindly try this and let know buddy
Hope this would help you
Cheers @Jizh

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so were you able to get now buddy @Jizh

Thank you for the advice, I didn’t use maximize before. However, it still doesn’t work so far. I did some further testing and when I execute just the “get text” activity isolated from the other workflow it works unattended but not if I execute the whole thing.