Unattended Robot does not perform under locked screen / minimized RDP-Session

Dear all,

unfortunately our unattended Robot does not perform under locked screen / minimized window of the RDP-Session.
The robot is connected and licensed in Orchestrator. The Robot and the Orchestrator are located on two separate servers. Both are connected to the computer with two different RDP-Sessions.

If I open the UiPath-Studio, the following message appears:

This means: the unattended Robot is recognized as Licence type. Accordingly to the business contract, it only can be used for problem solving.

I am not sure, but could maybe the License be the problem? Even for problem solving it should be possible to run an unattended Robot under locked screen.

Kind regards and thanks a lot!

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Hi @ncrescente,
As an Enterprise user please contact with our Technical Support.


In general, we should have the user logoff before we trigger job to Unattended Robot (UR). Because UR can connect with itself via RDP and run process in it.


I already did, thanks!

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Dear all,

the problem is solved - we adjusted the robo setting “Login to Console” to “Yes” in Orchestrator.

Kind regards

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