Unattended robot - Click browser works the first run, second or third run it stops working!

I have this scenario: a simple click within a browser. Attended mode it works perfectly fine always. Unattended mode it works the first time. Then the next run it stops working. It is a simple click activity.

Any ideas? I am running Win10 and UiPath 2018.4.2

I’ve tried focus, show, activate, attach window, attach browser, clicking image, normal click, sending esc keys, resetting windows explorer, killing and opening again the browser… I am running out of ideas, seriously!

@swilliams9 are you using Chrome for the automation? What error if any is thrown on the second run?

Hi Frank, this is IE, and there are no errors at all unfortunately… it just doesn’t click - btw, I have tried Simulate Click on/ff, Send Msg To Window on/off, etc

@swilliams9 would you be able to share your code just to get a better idea of what might be happening. Because from what I understand now if no error is thrown then the selector is found and maybe the control isn’t ready for some reason.

It’s quiet a simple workflow. Perhaps it has to do with the combination of Win10 plus this version of UiPath. This is the list of activities:

  1. Open Browser
  2. Attach to Browser
  3. Click

First runtime it works… then second/third one doesn’t anymore, so weird! :confused:

@swilliams9 Okay if that is all it’s doing the attach browser might be the problem! How are you looping through the iterations?
Is the click opening a new page? Check the HTML-Title of the page after the click against the title in the attach browser.
You could try only lopping through the attach browser part and not opening a new browser for each iteration.
Not sure without the code though :slight_smile: