Unattended Robot available but not showing in Robot Tray


My robot is showing in Monitoring Robot Section as unattended floating robot, it does not have a machine name as you can see in the below image .

Now i want to delete this robot but it is not showing in robot tray and also it is provision as Modern.


Hi @urvesh.mistry
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You issue is ,
Your robot monitoring you are viewing " robot modern folder "

And your management, your are referring " default classic folder "

Change it to same folder and u can view your robot and can delete

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Hey @Maneesha_de_silva

I already did what you are trying to say but it is still not showing the bot, plus i created “robot modern folder” folder after i got the problem.

Which means i created the bot while i had only one folder i.e “default classic folder”.

If you have any other solution then let me know.

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Issue has been resolved.

In the user panel i have enabled automatically provision unattended bot for this user and that is why it has been showing me the robot in monitor tray and not in management tray.

Also allocated the unattended license to the tenant.

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