Unattended Robot and UI

Dear all, can you advised me, can I use unattended robot on VM? I need check some information on web several time a day, and If i find it, I need paste some information in system look like a DOS. Part of this process must work with user interface i cant Use API, or smth else.

This shouldn’t be in the Feedback section. What is WM? Yes, getting info from one system and putting it into another is a common use of unattended robots.

sorry, virtual mashine (VM)

Yes, that’s how unattended automations work. Orchestrator executes the Job on a VM.


Yes you can use Unattended BOT.

Maybe you can help this one more question? On VM we dont have desktop, how robot work this UI elements?


You can use UNATTENDED bot in a VM
But being a DOS which won’t have any selectors in it there are few restrictions to work
Like we can type in data and access elements with hot keys

Check this thread for more details



You mean Windows OS is not installed in that VM ?

but in process i must check some elements, before, in Attended robot we have selected some element via mouse (i think it was computer vision). Can we use this functionality on not active session of remote desktop?

Ofcourse you can only use OCR/Image based activities or CV as we don’t have any selector


and do we have any program limitations for using CV or OCR for Unattended robots on VM?

no not really @ILYA_KUBYSHIN
lets give a try

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