Unattended robot and Studio installed on the same VM

Hi, Currently we have an unattended bot license and UiPath studio installed on the same virtual machine.

We thought the the unattended bot would be used to run the automations using the developer license, but realized that the studio license itself comes with its own attended bot.
Can anyone confirm if the studio itself and the attended bot is self sufficient or do we need a dev-bot for running automations in development.

would it be better for us to separate the unattended bot onto another virtual machine to utilize it better.


Hi @sowjanyas -

I think its very old question but as I could not see responses to this. Tried answering thinking the newbies might benefit from this.

Unattended bot helps to to ensure running the process when you want to schedule it or trigger based on some event. You will not see any difference in the results/output of running the process.