Unattended Process Vs DropDown Selector

Hello to everybody,

I’m facing an issue for which I have no more ideas of how to solve it.

I’m working with an unatteded robot, which has to select one topic from a drop-down selector and, when an option is selected, the page charge the related content to this selection.

If I run the process in debug/attended mode, everything works fine. Even if I inject js by hand.

Clic activities, with “Simulate Click” does not work and inject Js does not work either …

In Js script, I tried to use “OneChange”, “OnFocus” and “OnBlur” but none of them seems to work

Could you give me some ideas to apply?

Thank you in advance

Hi @Carlos_Delgado

I guess, it is not working in unattended mode.
Try using SendWindowMessages on click activity.
Scripting depends on how you call it, whether from root directory or document folder.
Try to run it from root directory using Debug mode and see whether it works or not.

Hi Lakshay, I’m gonna try this and I’ll response as soon as posible.

Thanks a lot!

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I tried but this drop down menu, doesn’t let you click on any of the items…

Hi, welcome to the community!
Without access to your application and not knowing any details about it, we can only tell you to check all your input activities to see if any are not compatible with unattended process:
Input Methods (uipath.com)

Hi Bruno! Thank you so much!

Sorry… but i can’t give you examples due to all the process is in private webpages

We have tried the activities you recomended and even with js is not working. It’s a menu where all the main ideas are not working. Seems that the old-fashion webpages and complex html structures are not compatibles with our unattended objetives…

We are working on it and if we found a solution, I will be sharing it here if nobody found a way before us.