Unattended insert Image to an excel dissappears after excel application scope

Hi Team,

When we run the excel process in unattended mode the insert images disappears and the file shows empty after exiting step.

While inserting to the excel ,Screenshots during the copy paste activity shows its saved at the top ribbon to excel but not able to find any content later.

its a success and the excel shows all the images while run n attended mode.
tried autosave , save workbook , Ctrl+S hotkey options.

Please suggest how to trouble shoot this issue.



Did we try adding some delay after saving the file with hot keys or Save workbook activities which would ensure that the file is saved

Cheers @KiranP

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Yes, I have added Delay, and can see the file is saved too, by capturing screenshots after inserting pic to excel.

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So did that solve the issue when running in unattended mode


No it didn’t.

What issue we are facing in this


the end result shows as the excel file is empty, no images is getting saved.

I am trying to meet the requirement using word for now and its working , so whatever is the issue with Excel format, I think need to raise a support ticket with team.

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