Unattended Floating Bot Gets Disconnected At Sign Out, Causing Zero License Consumption

How to handle the scenario where Unattended floating bot gets disconnected at sign out, but able to trigger the job?

Issue Description: For an Unattended floating Robot in Modern folder, while user is signed into the machine, the Robot shows available and licensed. On Signing out it is shows disconnected as well as the license status is being unlicensed in the Orchestrator.
Infrastructure setup might Active-Passive DR setup.

Resolution: Perform the below

  • Ensure that the Orchestrator website is not running in the passive nodes.
  • If Orchestrator is running, then turn that off else the quartz will keep running and then the status from the passive nodes( where all the Robots will be disconnected since the requests will not be going to those) will goto Redis passive cluster and that will update the status in the SQL DB as well, which will further cause this abnormal data display on the UI.
  • Turning the secondary node off would solve the issue or alternatively, CRDB setup needs to be implemented for Redis synchronisation between active and passive cluster.