Unattended concurrent license showed as used but not Bot is running

We have a machine that has 5 of unattended licenses assigned. It shows that is has 2 used license even though no Bot is running.
How do I check which bot is consuming the license when no bot is running?

Hi @mark.eseo
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Bots license counting when you connect the bot ,that even run or not

If you running only 3 bot and not running 2 bot but connected
That’s means you have utilize 5 license

I get that i am utilizing/assigning the unattended license when I assign it to a machine.
Here’s a better picture of the scenario

We have 5 unattended licenses. It shows on the license page 5 of 5 runtime license is consumed.

In this scenario, I only have 1 machine where I assigned all 5 runtime licenses.

I go to the list of machines with Unattended licenses.
it should show like this when nothing is running:


it should look like this when 5 robots are running



there are instances where this (below screenshot) happens even if there is no Robot running.