Unattended Bot (scheduled every hour) is pending

Hello everyone, I have a small problem with an unattended robot on an RDP, I succeed to launch the robot from orchestrator, I succeed to launch the robot with the rdp minimized.
The problem is that when I program this robot to launch every hour, it doesn’t launch and doesn’t create any error.
The launch occurs once the session is restarted.
I tried to program it in 5 min from orchestrator( with the session disconnected and it works); but after 30 min it doesn’t launch.


Hi @Jeremy_L,
Is this session disconnected still after those 30mins? If you are using Community Version it will work only for active user session not for completely logged out one.

What do you mean ? and I’m on an enterprise version so normally even with the session offline the robot must be able to connect.

Ok this is information I wanted. Indeed it behaves weird. I suggest to open ticket for Technical Support since you are on enterprise plan. They should help you :slight_smile: