Unattended bot schedule in orchestrator

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I want to schedule bot in unattended way and it needs to be run once in a month but the problem is execution time varies every month.There is no standard date & time for every month…

How can we schedule the bot in this case…Please help me in this…

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On what basis you want to schedule?

If everything changes then you have to trigger adhocly cannot use schedule

If you want to schedule on some weekdays we can do that



not sure if it’s a match for you but if this is bot is supposed to be running based on some kind of ticket in itsm you can create an integration (providing you have right accesses there) between the ticket and orchestrator - e.g., once business raises a ticket, the itsm sends api call to orchestrator to run the job.

Thanks for your reply Anil G.I want to run in unattended mode and needs to be in every month…

There is no standard date for this…

Thanks for your reply.Will check in this.


You can teigger unattended adhocly as well…may I know is there any specific date and time file you are getting or how do you decide when to run?


Thanks Anil…We will get file first week of every month but not sure about the date…

How can we trigger unattended adhocly.pls explain Anil.


Adhoc means whenever you need you would need to run…

When you mean you will get file…may I know where would you get the file?

if you will get a mail or anything you can use integration services with triggers and bot can be triggered

If it comes into sharepoint can use orchestartor api and power flow to trigger or again try with a trigger from integration services

All of this depends on where you get the file and what options you have


Hi @shyamala_shyamu

In this type of use case, we can either use API or Queue trigger for this.


  • Client will send a mail to start the bot at a particular time of the month where an API process(we need to create another process) will be triggered every 10 minutes on the particular day of the month, once the mail is received using the orchestrator HTTP request we can start the specified process

Same can be integrated as a Queue trigger


If you are getting the file within first week then I would recommend to create a schedule to run the bot on second week end with a cron expression like this

‘’’ ## 0 0 0 ? * 1#2 *

U can create this with Triggers with advanced option on CRON Expression

Cheers @shyamala_shyamu

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Hi @shyamala_shyamu

If you need to schedule a bot to run once a month at a variable time, you can use a cron expression to set up the schedule.

For example, if you want to run the bot once a month at a variable time on the first day of the month, you can use the following cron expression:

0 0 1 * *

If you need to run the bot at a variable time on a specific day of the month, you can add an additional field to the expression to specify the day. For example, if you want to run the bot once a month at a variable time on the 15th day of the month, you can use the following expression:

0 0 15 * *


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Hi @Sandeep_raj

Thank you so much for your valuable inputs…

Hi @Palaniyappan

Thank you so much for valuable suggestion…I think this solution is really suitable for my case.

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Hi @Nitya1

Thank you so much for valuable input and shared this topic…It’s really useful to me…

Hi @Anil_G

Thank you so much for response.Every month we are getting input via Email…

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Happy Automation

If email as suggested you can keep a email trigger when a email with specific subject arrives and bot gets triggered immediately


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Glad it got resolved @shyamala_shyamu

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