Unattended Bot is pending and won't initiate RDS session when job is started in Orchestrator

While trying to initiate an RDS session to run a job from orchestrator for an unattended bot. When I run the robot from orchestrator it does not open the RDS session, even though the credentials have been provisioned in Orchetrator.

The job remains pending until a user manually logs into the RDS machine and launches UI robot. If we log onto the RDS session manually we can see that the robot is licensed.

@Geoff_ODonoghue you may need to have that user account set up as a remote desktop user. Does the job error out if you don’t log in and if it does could you please see if it gives you an error message?

Installing the Robot

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Hi There

I have set up the user as a remote desktop user as that link shows. When I provisioned the robot, I made sure that the username and password are all correct, including the domain name.

When I kick off the job from orchestrator it remains in pending state until a user manually logs onto the RDS account and launches UI Robot? And there are no error messages or timeouts no matter how long I leave it for.

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Make sure that you have given the domain and username by going to Start → type cmd → there type as whoami in the machine where we want to run this process

this will give you the domain/username buddy

the reason is if you have mentioned only the username or domain name in this field domain\username while creating robot, though you have the robot been connected to orchestrator the job will remain in pending while you try to run the job…thats why buddy