Unattended bot fails with incomplete package link

Hi guys,

I have published a package to Orchestrator which runs fine on Studio and also fine when I log on to the robot VM and start it manually using the robot tray.

But as soon as I let Orchestrator (19.10.18) trigger the process, it fails with this error message:
Could not find file 'C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nuget\packages\<PACKAGE_NAME>\1.0.6\lib\net45\.xaml'. Source: UiPath.IpcUiPath.Ipc

I checked the directory and everything is there but what strikes me is that the path ends on “.xaml” and NOT on “filename”.xaml.

Any ideas where to fix this?

Thanks kind regards


Can you recheck the project dependencies

Hope this may helps you


Updating to 2019.10.5 did the trick.
What a difference a minor version makes… :innocent:

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