Unattended bot failing from Orchestrator

So I have created a simple process, open notepad (open application), type something in it (type into) and use 2 clicks activities to close without saving.

If I access to the VM and run it from Orchestrator, everything goes well, but when I try to do it unattended, it fails because of timeout errors. I have try many things so far but without success:

*Set resolution in robot settings
*Set resolution in UiPath settings file
*Activate Login to Console true and also tested with false
*Use the Launch Workflow Interactive
*Validate policies are correct and not blocking UiRobot

This is the result when running when I’m in the VM:

If I try to run it unattended:

Orchestrator version: 2018.1.4
UiRobot version: 2018.2.3

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I have the same issue, I also tried to lunch explorer.exe to start the process but it didn’t work…

Hi @isrramorales, @JUACHAVE,
Does your type into and click activities have the simulate type/click attributes configured?

Hi Pablo, I already try it as well, but only works if I set the “Send windows message” attribute and although it works for typing when it comes to “enters” or something like that it doesn’t work, click activities works with simulate click, but I’m still wondering why is not working normally tho

@isrramorales, @JUACHAVE
I think then that your problem rely on compatibility issue. As described in this document:

Make sure that Robot and Orchestrator are at least the same version.
Hope that this will help :slight_smile:

It does not seem like a compatibility issue to me.

Also, if the Send windows message or Simulate type works while running it from Studio then it should work with unattended. So I would rule that out if the option you use is working while in the VM.

My suggestion would be to use Take Screenshot when the error occurs. That way, you can see what the screen looks like. It’s possible there is some popup message that got in the way of your automation while in unattended.

Note: you can also try changing the Robot resolution setttings for the robot in Orchestrator (ie 1920 x 1080, 32 bit color)



Regarding to documentation I’ve posted:
So this is the first thing we need to exclude.


Thank you all,

The issue was UiRobot service was not installed. Hope this help anyone in the future as well.


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