Unattended bot calling attended bot using bat file

Hi Team Member,

I have one scenario like My first unattended bot read the incoming emails and downloading the the attachment in a specified folder and updating the queue.
I am trying to think a way as file download on the specified folder Bot 1 send the trigger
to Run the bot 2 using bat file.

Bot2 exist on Local machine and Bot1 deploy on the orchestrator.
Is it possible? If yes please tell me the way. How I can proceed.

If any further query please tell me know.


Hi @anand.t,
It’s probably possible but we are not supporting batch method officially. If you already have one bot in orchestrator you could just push queue item at the end of it’s task so second bot which is connected to this queue could start it’s job when item arrives.

Thanks for reply @Pablito

I want to use second bot as attended bot. I don’t want to use second bot as unattended bot.

Please guide me.


It doesn’t matter if it’s attended or unattended bot. Both bot types requires to have machine which can perform the task. So you can have both robots on orchestrator. Unattended bot will perform it’s job and will send queue item with the status. Then second (attended) bot will start it’s work based on queue item.

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I don’t want to host second bot on orchestrator. Because second bot is taking some PDF files from local directory and fetching the information from there.


Nothing stops attended bot from doing this. Bot is still deployed locally. It will just take license from orchestrator and perform the job based on queue item. It the same like you would have with .bat file. The only difference is that the trigger is on orchestrator (where in my opinion it’s easier to maintain this).

Thanks @Pablito for your valuable solution.


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