Unable to write the data in the same excel reading workbook

Hi, I am reading an excel and that excel containing multiple email id seprated by ; (semicolon) in one cell.

Here I am removing the white space from a specific column (CustName) and after removing the white space I am write the value in the same excel only.

But I am not able to save the data/ use write cell activity due to the ; semicoon giving in a Email Column. Please help

@Palaniyappan As we discussed this issue, Now our bot is reading the exel but when I wrote the data in the same excel only it’s shoing me an exception. Please help bro. Thanks in advance.

Note - But why it’s not writing the data in the same reading excel even I am not reading that particular Email coloum where I have multiple email seprated by ; semicolon.
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Could you please show me screenshot of your excel data and also sample Input and output data once.

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I am reading the excel from A2,

I marked the circle sometime my input data has space, so I have remove the white space and save in the same excel.

But if you this one column contain email ID separated by semicolon,
due to this I am not able to write the data.

kindly help.


Select entire Email Column and remove that hyperlink from text and then try once.


No bro, I have to keep the email ID with hyperlink(Semicolon), as I have to read this email ID and send email to the multiple people.


We can send mail if the mail id’s don’t have hyperlink also. I am able to send mail without any issues.


But the client have this email. But why it’s not writing the data, what is the problem if excel has hyperlink. But we can read the excel why not write bro.

So how do you write multiple email bro. Can you show me an example.

Generally, Here it’s written like- abc@gmail.com; mno@hotmail.com; xyz@yahoo.com likewise…


Wait am trying from my end. once done I will let you.

Input: abc@gmail.com; mno@hotmail.com; xyz@yahoo.com

output: abc@gmail.com;mno@hotmail.com;xyz@yahoo.com

Like this you want output right ?

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Try with excel application scope and write cell activity within rather to WRITE CELL from workbook activities and also check once with the variable TrimItem like whether it has any value or not
and also check the range mentioned inthe cell range in write cell
Cheers @balkishan

No bro, Already my input is fine. I am not removing the white space from this column, This is fine.

Sometime there is a space in the Vendor name, So here I am removing the white space.
But when I write in the same excel it shows me the error, where my email ID containing Hyperlink. Due to the hyperlink it’s not write the data.

Hi @balkishan,
I tried below things and it is working.

  1. I drag/drop Excel Application Scope where I provided the Excel file path
  2. I used Read Cell and read a column “B2” where I have vendor name. Saved this name to a variable called VendorName
  3. I trimmed the vendorName and saved it to a variable TrimmedData
  4. Then I used Write Cell activity and wrote back the TrimmedData into “B2” cell.

and Its workingTrimData
I am attaching screen shot.

RemoveWhiteSpace.zip (2.9 KB)

see its not working.

Go through this post.

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yah i got it
here you go
i just recreated it
its working fine

bal (1).zip (9.7 KB)

Cheers @balkishan

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Thank you Palani :slight_smile:

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