Unable to write into Excel Cell

In order to write into a cell, I created a new “Save for later” variable “A-Last”, which has a value of A9.
Screenshot 2022-04-11 124810

Then I wanted to write a Date to this Cell “A-Last”

However, even though Cell A9 is empty in my excel sheet, I keeping getting the error that range A9 does not exist!

When I change the cell to A9 instead of “A-Last” it works, so I think excel is not reading my “A-Last” variable, but yet I managed to print it out as “A9” in console.

Any help will be appreciated!

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Hey @JJ_W

So you mean when you pass dynamically the range it doesn’t work ?


what if you remove the quotation marks from A9?

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thank you! that was the issue

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