Unable to verify selector in Firefox

I am working with Advanced training assignment 1: Calculate client security hash.

In the workflow for updating work item, I am unable to select the drop down menu for setting a new status. I’ve used UI Explorer and edited the selector, but it does not work.
I’ve done my whole assignment using Mozilla Firefox.

For testing purposes I tried recreating the steps for updating work item using IE, and this solves my issue regarding the selectors.
However I am interested in help for a solution where I would be able to continue using Firefox.

The update work item window

The selector I am using for New Status:

Complete workflow

EDIT: Added image of workflow

Before sending the Select Item activity, try click activity to click on the drop down field and then use select @ArneBjerk

Thanks for the suggestion, but it did not solve my issue. The selector validator is still invalid.

Try selecting the item again @ArneBjerk, then check

@HareeshMR I am still unable to complete the task. However when using full selector with the complete URL for the item, it works. Do you know how i can achieve the same without having to use the URL in my selector?

Yeah, even we select the item, it will take the browser name and the heading of the tab. Instead of these two, I think it is taking the URL. I don’t think that will cause the problem if the URL is there in the selector.

Is there any specific reason to remove the URL in the selector?

@HareeshMR Yes, this program is supposed to update multiple Work items with different URLs.

Then use asterisk (*) in the place of URL so that it will take any URL @ArneBjerk

@HareeshMR Thank you for your help, this was the solution.

Do you have any idea tho why I was able to perform the same action in IE withouth having to use the URL in my selector?

The selectors will be same in any browser but the changes will be with the tab headings and browser names .

I’m not sure with the IE as I haven’t tried anything yet , sorry :slight_smile:

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