Unable To Use Variable For URL Field In UI Descriptor In Object Repository

How to enable using a variable as URL placeholder in the Browser URL field in the Descriptor?

The current functionality of Object Repository does not allow the usage of a variables in the Browser URL field of the UI Descriptor.

However, there is a workaround for this and it is valid for either case: whether to use Object Repository in a stand-alone workflow or in a Library project and then import it into a process project.

To use an Object Repository in a Library-type project to be imported and reused in future process-type projects, follow the below:

  1. Create a new Library-type of project (or process-type, if creating a re-usable Library is not desired)
  2. In the main sequence, use an "Use application/browser" activity. Indicate the browser to be used.
  3. Go to the properties panel > Input > Unified Application Target > URL and delete whatever value is present in there.

  1. In the URL field, create a new variable (use the Ctrl + K shortcut), but do not give it any default value. Leave it as blank.

  1. Click on the Object Repository icon (it should be grayed out at this point).

  1. Follow the wizard's instructions and Create a new application, then add the screen (i.e, the output of the Use Application/Browser activity) to this application. If you already have an application, you can add the screen to it (if it befits your workflow).
  2. The field under Browser URL should be empty, as displayed below:

To import the Library into a process workflow, proceed as follows:

  • Again, use an "Use Application/Browser" activity and drop into it the item from the Object Repository
  • Post that, in the Browser URL field, the name of the default variable created in the initial Object Repository application will be available, but it will throw a compiler error, since it was not created in this workflow
  • Create a variable with the exact same name in the scope of the activity and give it the value of the preferred URL.

Please follow following steps to pass variable as Browser URL to object repository.

  1. Open library/project folder
  2. Open .objects folder. You will find repository application folders.
  3. Open application folder which you want to update. You will find application version folders.
  4. Open application version folder which you want to update. You will find all the screen folders of respective application.
  5. Open screen folder which you want to update
  6. Under screen folder open file .data\TargetApp.content or .data\ObjectRepositoryScreenData.content in notepad.
  7. If field exists then Replace Url=“Your Url” with Url=“[in_BrowserURL]” where in_BrowserURL will be the variable name need to be created in the project
  8. If field doent exists then add Url=“[in_BrowserURL]” inside TargetApp where in_BrowserURL will be the variable name need to be created in the project
  9. Update library
  10. Create Variable with same name in your project and pass it in URL property to object repository


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