Unable to use UiAutomation Packages and Computer vision activities together

First I will explain my project behavior.

I’m working on 2 remote machines as Robot to execute half of the process in remote machine 1 and half of the project in remote machine 2.

Remote machine 1 is the place where I implement the UiPath project.

In remote machine 1 I installed Citrix receiver.

In remote machine 2 I installed UiPath Platform installer.Its version -

In order to access Ui elements in remote machine 2, I could not use latest version of UiAutomation package.It gave me below error.


Therefore I installed 19.4.1 version of UiAutomation package and It worked as expected.

Now I wanted to install computer vision activities and I installed it. Then It asked me to upgrade UiAutomation package to latest version.When I upgraded it to latest version I can not work with Ui automation activities.

Is there any way to fulfill my requirements. I want to work with both UiAutomation and Computer vision activities while performing actions in remote machine 2.

Hi @SachiniJ

Does these 2 machines have the latest version

Ashwin S

Hi @SachiniJ

From the error message what I can see is that machine 1 has uipath version 19.7 and the remote machine 2has the version 19.4.

In order to execute, all the involved machines should have the same uipath versions. Please upgrade the version to the same version and try it again…

Let know how it goes…


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