Unable to use Studio now. It automatically changes to Studio X


I am unable to change the local license. Any possible way to change the Automation Express License back to the Community License? I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it but it doesn’t seem to work. Appreciate any help

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If UiPath Studio is automatically changing to Studio X, it could be because you have a StudioX (Citizen Developer) license assigned to your user. Make sure you have an Automation Developer license to be able to use Studio

Check out the thread

To check if a user has an Automation Developer license in UiPath, you can see all the Robots defined on a given machine for Attended, Citizen Developer, or RPA Developer licenses with a specific user. To display this information, perform the following step:

• In the License page, click See More for the type of license that interests you

Check out the docs



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We cannot change it I believe you can create a new community account with a different ID and use studio community

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