Unable to use string value in 'SentonbehalfofName' property of sent outlook mail message activitiy

Usage of a string value in ‘SentonbehalfofName’ property of sent outlook Mail message activity in uipathstudio.msi (2020.10.6) throws error.

Hi @srkatragadda

Any chance you could check if the same happens on a new project with simplified properties of the activity package?

If possible, such new project that reproduces an issue would be nice to have :slight_smile:

Hi @srkatragadda

Actually, I tested it for myself and got the same error for a simple string. However, the way to fix the error was to put an email of the account that your account has access to.

This way the message was sent without an issue.

I’ll save your feedback, as the error message could be a bit more clear about it.

Thanks Maciej !

Just a final update - our team had a look and this is indeed an Outlook error that is linked with it not being able to resolve the recipient. The solution above to use a valid email address is the correct one.

Send SMTP Mail Message is a much better method of sending emails. You can spoof whatever from address you want.