Unable to USe Record App feature in Trial version


Please can some one help me to use the Record App Feature. I want to open Lotus Notes and do some recording and send email. But I cant find Record App feature.


Hi @pankaj2988,

In UiPath there are four recording profiles available ( Basic,Desktop, Web, Citrix).

Navigation: Uipath–>Design–> Record.

From this you can select appropriate recording profile as per your requirement.


Yes correct. But I have seen, UI path provides the feature to record application , i.e calculator. None of the 4 options have the feasibility to record an application. Basic/ Desktop/ Web all r same. That’s what it looks like. I want to know if the trial version has restrictions to do that? You can try any 1 of the options and can check. Thanks

They look the same, but they are not - some more info:

Both basic and desktop should have no problems with recording actions on a calculator.
Web is for web (duh), so it doesn’t apply.
Citrix is basically for image automation. Technically you could use it for a calculator app, but it’s not efficient.

Basic and Desktop are almost same. Only difference is Basic will generate full selectors where as in desktop recording profile will give partial selector which is fast compare to basic.

You can use Basic or Desktop recording profile to automate Calculator application. It works for us in trail version of uipath.

For your information: Web Recording profile is to automate web application. It means you can automate any website for example gmail, flipkart, facebook…etc…

Citrix is to automate applications in Virtual Machine.( remote machine or Citrix environment).
Uipath cant spy the ui elements which are in Virtual Machine. So it can be achieved by using Image or Text or Keyboard automation.

Hi ,

I am sorry but I cant automate any web app using web recording. I have raised an issue already but Helpdesk redirected me to here. I am getting error using UI Path officially Shared Main.xaml for web recording. It opens amazon.com in Firefox browser then it gets hanged for 45 secs and then throw the error- " Can not Find UI Elements in Selector".