Unable to use latest process version in Orchestrator

Hi UiPathians,

I am unable to use latest published version of a process in Orchestrator. The error message says that there are active jobs associated with the process when in fact there is no such job - only one faulted job which I believe does not come in the category of “active jobs”. Please refer the screenshots below:



Any help on this issue is highly appreciated!
PS: I read in a post that contacting Support is the best bet for such cases - but I believe Community version users do not have that advantage.

please check any job is in running with that process if any job is running for that process you can’t change the latest process

Hi @Akanksha_Varshney - Yes you are correct, need to contact the Support. However try to do one thing that, configure a new Robot and Process then remove the existing one.


Thanks for your responses, @kalyanDev @AnandKumar26!
I figured out that there was a pending job which was appearing in the list(after removing the Interval filter) when I added a new Robot recently - although no memory says that I ever associated the already existing job with the new Robot.
I killed it and am able to update the process now!

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