Unable to use get asset for save image

Hi, I am trying to save screenshot image. I use get asset activity and add asset in orchestrator ,as for different machines there are different path for the folders to save image. but it is throwing an error. It was working fine for other asset values but not for saved image.
please help

error message

uipath properties

in orchestrator

Hi, you need to check what is coming out from the Asset in debug mode.

Hi, you might have given the path with only until folder name
Like as ex : c:/user/Raj334/documents/screenshotfolder
To save the screenshot you need to give path like
c:/user/Raj334/documents/screenshotfolder/screenshotname.jpeg or .png
Which means you need to give file name also to that screenshot

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We need to consider three things here
First as you said

Kindly check whether the right asset with the right filepath is obtained from orchestrator so that if the machine is different we won’t be facing issues

And the second this
We need to ensure that the machine is connected to the orchestrator

And the third one is
While mentioning the file path for Save Image activity we need to mention along with the file and and also the file type extension like .png
So it would be like

Cheers @michelle02

Hi I Gave the proper path

still no luck