Unable to use 'forward task' activity

Hi everyone!

I’ve got a scenario where I want to forward an already created task on Action Center to another user. For this I’m using Forward Task activity, but am getting following error.

Forward Task: {“error”:{“code”:“UnsupportedApiVersion”,“message”:“The HTTP resource that matches the request URI 'https://orchestrator-url/tasks/GenericTasks/SaveAndReassignTask’ does not support HTTP method ‘POST’.”,“innerError”:null}}


The orchestrator being used is on-prem.

I shall be very grateful if anyone helps me resolve this issue.


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What’s d version of on-prem orchestrator you are using ?

It is 2020.10.4

Okay do you have action center license as well ?

Yes, have action center license as well

Ok @ahmad.sultan

I feel some compatibility is missing. Did you check if the package version is compatible with your platform version?


yes, it is compatible.

I’m using uipath.persistence.activities version 1.2.2

Did you check in the Release notes please ?

Finally understood the reason of this issue, according to UiPath support the minimum version of on-premise Orchestrator and Action center that supports ‘Forward task’ and ‘Complete Task’ activities is 21.4, and in my case it was 20.10

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