Unable to use F2 to Pause recording & ESC key to end recording


As @Pablito said, try to close all unnecessary applications and try once. Let us know if you face any issues.

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@Pablito @lakshman

I tried closing all unnecessary applications and it didn’t work.

It’s very weird issue. It looks like it’s only happening to you as I don’t see anyone with same problem. I think still it might be a problem locally with your Computer/OS. I know it’s easy to say but are you able to try fresh OS installation?


This is really interesting and strange as well – did pressing F5 key works as that would execute the process… if that does not work either then non of the function or special keys work…
Well I hope it’s late already so why can’t we try to uninstall and reinstall the dot net framework that’s possible and easy right… may be version is not compatible enough with new community edition
Try to install the latest version of dot net and reinstall the uipath once, hope that should work

Cheers @mrmanojrai

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I went to the registry editor at the following location to check what version of .NET Framework I have installed on my machine.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v4\Full

I noticed I have Release entry 461814 which corresponds to .NET framework version 4.7.2.

I checked the software requirements of UiPath Studio and as per the documentation I need a minimum of version 4.6.1 for .NET framework. Since I have version 4.7.2 I should be good then, right?

Here is the documentation I am referencing.

Let me know your thoughts.



I was hoping not to do a fresh OS installation since I have a lot of other software and stuff that I would need to backup before I install a fresh new copy of Windows 10 Operating System. Is there no workaround it?

Okayyy… that sounds good
So is there any other users who use your system and has studio in their login, if so kindly try to get into and check whether studio (in the same system but different users, of course they should have installed studio) takes the key F2 and esc
I hope this could let us conclude whether it’s a uipath problem ( I would say the one installed in your machine and not in common because others haven’t faced it )
Machine issue
Let’s see

But still did the other keys like F5 and F7 aren’t working…!

Cheers @mrmanojrai


F5 and F7 keys are working fine. I was able to hit the F5 key and it executed the workflow with no issues. F2 and ESC don’t seem to be working once UiPath recording session has started. That is the issue. The function keys are working normally on the computer and functional.

Hey guys I’m on a Lenovo laptop

It hijacks the F keys which is a real pain & I cant be bothered going into BIOS to turn it off.

Is there a simple way to change the F2 to something else in UIpath?


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Never mind


Welcome to uipath community
May I what you would like to change with that key

Cheers @gareththomasnz

This might not be valid… Based on the 2018.3 documentation, the keyboardmappings.xml file has been removed and the customization of keyboard shortcuts has been deprecated.

I don’t see reference to either parts of the statement in the latest documentation

However I do have 2019.10.1 installed with the MSI package, and that file does not exist for me.

The following idea has a comment to indicating plans to address this in a future release are in the works.

Have you found the solution … i am facing the same issue

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