Unable to use Amazon Textract

I am trying to use the Textract activity to extract data from PDF. But I am getting “Value cannot be null” error.

I am not sure why Textract cannot read the PDF. However, when I log into the cloud platform and try the same PDF on there, there is both form data and table data.


I do not have any hands on with Amazon textract, but when I have checked go.uipath.com for the same I could see the following custom activity, just give a try with this, if it is working with this then you have to change your process based on that.

I used the above set of activities and getting the error.

hey @sahaa
you can use Abbyy OCR for extraction of pdf data…

Hi, did you solve it? i have the same issue: on amazon Textract console I can see tables and form, but on uipath it says that the oject is null…can you help me?

I followed the above link and was able to get textract results from the document.

We are also facing the same issue, not able to read PDF documents ( Forms & Tables) using Amazon Textract activities. Any help appreciated.