Unable to upload some file in sharepoint

Hi, in SharePoint there are 80 files, every week bot needs to update the files but somehow bot does not update all the files. So how to rectify this issue. Can we use if condition?

Hello @Cuberoot

Is it not updating for any specific files??

Also any permission issues are there?


Some randome files are not updated, i have permissi

Hi @Cuberoot

How are you trying to work on them using one drive or office 365 activities or custom sharepoint activities?


just doing manually, click on the upload icon

Hi @Cuberoot

Then can you use any of the sharepoint or office 365 packages that way you will have relaibility

Else you have to wait till upload is completeā€¦use a check app state activity to see if file is uploaded and then refresh and check if that is uploaded completely.