Unable to upload or download files of Salesforce Case


We are planning to automate Salesforce using Activities instead of UI. Able to execute SOQL queries, insert, update etc.

Unfortunately unable to download / upload attachments to Cases.

Could you please help


Hi @theerthaks

Sure, I can help you with that. To download/upload attachments to Cases in Salesforce using UiPath activities, you can use the Salesforce API to perform the necessary actions. Here’s how you can do it:

To Download Attachments:

  1. Use the “Invoke Custom Code” activity in UiPath and choose C# as the language.
  2. Add the Salesforce API as a dependency to the project.
  3. Write a C# code to retrieve the attachment data from Salesforce using the Case ID and Attachment ID.
  4. Convert the attachment data to a byte array and save it to a file using the “Write Bytes” activity in UiPath.