Unable to upload data in orchestrator queues

Hi All, @Vajrang

i am facing issue while uploading data to orchestrator queues, please find the screen shot below for your reference.
Also i would like to let you know, when i am trying to initialize the transaction item it throw compile error.
screenshot attached

Thanks in Advance

The compiler error means the variable you are using are not declared in the scope of the activity you are trying to use.

can you share more of the details i.e. where you are declaring the information etc

Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari ,

Please declare variables first in Variable panel or by pressing ctrl + k

Once the variable created run your workflow , if still Bulk activity throws error then please share the screenshot of it’s property.

Hi @TimK

Thanks for your reply.

let me elaborate my issue

i read the input file, store in Transactiondata variable(Default variable), passed it queue activity.

Now, in process.xaml argument panel, we have two default argument where i am passing (Transactionitem, Config) variable just to hold the each transaction item passed by transactionData, but throws compiler error.

When you are passing in arguments, you do not need to set default values - you should be assigning those variables at the Invoke level using Import Arguments

thanks for your valuable feedback, i have assigned the variables using import argument, but still got error in DT.


Can you share the excel file, there could be an issue with it.

input.xlsx (8.4 KB)

Hi @TimK ,

Did you get a chance t look input file?

input file seems to be ok, might be there is another, what do you think

I did - file looks fine.

If your queue is set to Unique Reference - you need to change CommitType to ProcessAllIndependently.

Can you also confirm that your argument for config has a value for OrchestratorQueueName

Take a look at the below.

Hey thanks

issue was with orchestrator not with code.

finally it resolved.

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mark it as resolved

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