Unable to upload Assessment


I’ve been trying to upload Calculate_Client_Security_Hash.zip file but it keeps on loading nonstop
it been two days now, I also used different network connections.
See below

Hi @malusi.ngubane,
Thanks for the information. I will route this to proper team.


hi @malusi.ngubane, thanks for letting us know! We are looking into the issue. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

Thank you

sir, i m facing same issue but in my case it not showing me remove file or upload file.please suggest me what do i do further…?

Contact uipath support team

thanks for reply …

please tell me how i contact uipath support team

i am using uipath community 2020 latest version of studio. ![upload file|690x431](upload://pkUDs8Te8sdhpPDGzX8zIEadIYk.png

no problem raise a ticket in the uipath supoort