Unable to upgrade using the old source msi file

MSIda6b6.docx (32.3 KB)

  1. I’m unable to update or upgrade the application using the same msi that was used to install in 2022. Installation error is below:
    “UiPath Studio Setup has encountered an error. Please check the log for the details.”
    and I can’t understand the big long log file
    Attached is the log file

  2. New download won’t allow me to install and says "A different version is already advertised on this machine. Setup will exit now.”

  3. Moreover, the application is not showing in the programs and features section where I can go and uninstall

  4. UiPath is opening, but I’m not able to open the old projects or xaml files but can create new projects which I do not want. I need old ones to function

  5. Tried searching for a solution in the forum, but those are very old posts and wont help.

Please help me. It’s a community version and not an enterprise one


Open your studio and create a blank process and then move the old files there which you want to open into your project folder, and then move open them through studio.

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