Unable to upgrade Google.Apis.dll Version



Hi all,
I need Excel Sreadsheet activities to run my workflow. But Iam unable to install the “UiPathTeam.GoogleSpreadsheets.Activities” from my studio Package Manager the error I am facing is "unable to resolve dependency ‘Google.Apis(>= 1.29.2)’. where as my Google.Apis.dll version is how to upgrade the version.


I am also having this error! Anyone know how to solve this?



Navigate to the path where UiPath Studio is installed e.g. C:…UiPath\18.2.x, Rename all the dlls that you see in that folder starting with “Google.Apis” just by appending any char at the start of those dlls e.g. “xGoogle.Apis”. (Renaming just to keep a backup in case anything goes wrong and need to be restored). Also make sure you are in the latest version folder.

Try to install your custom activity now. I believe it would install the latest version of Google.Apis now. Not sure if this would work but you can give it a try.

Let me know if it works.

Rammohan B.


Thank You - Problem Solved!


Thanks, it worked!!!


You’re the best! Thank you!


Hey @Rammohan91 ! Your solution seems to be working for others but am still facing the same error.
Any other probable reason for the same?


@Akanksha_Varshney Are you still seeing the same error?

Rammohan B.


Hey @Rammohan91,

I downloaded the problematic DLLs from nuget.org and replaced the older ones with these in the required folder.
This resolved my error! :slight_smile:



@Rammohan91, getting this error now whenever I compile my stuff -


Can you check if its installed under ‘UiPath\Activities’.

Also, under Uipath\18.X.X

Rammohan B.


Yes, its installed under both of the mentioned folders.
One thing I would ask here - when I download package from nuget, it has extension as in ‘google.apis.1.35.2.nupkg’ - which I changed to dll to maintain the consistency. Should it work fine with this?
Or is it fine to keep the original extension intact?