Unable To Update This Package 'DateTimeComaparer 1.0.19'

Post upgradation of UiPath Studio to version 2022.4.1 and trying to run the old code in the Studio, it is not possible to install or upgrade one of the packages 'DateTimeComparer= 1.0.19' .

Resolution Steps:

  1. Copy the Date Time Comparer folder from %userprofile%\.nuget\Packages from the old workstation and paste it in the same folder of the new workstation
  2. If having .nupkg file of the Date Time Comparer, copy it to the new workstation, Open package manager in the Studio of the new workstation, add a local feed by providing the path where the .nupkg is pasted and install the package from the newly created feed.

Refer to Managing Activities - Packages: Adding Custom Feeds for more details.