Unable to update row item of datatable with multiplication product (Input string was not in a correct format)

Hello! I am trying to do the following:

  1. Loop through a particular number of rows in a datatable and for each row:
  2. Multiply value in Column 12 of DT with a variable not in the DT, then update Column 13 of that row of the DT with the multiplication product.

The value to be updated in the row has the following expression:

I am getting the following runtime error:

Input string was not in a correct format
Exception type: System.FormatException

Thanks in advance for the help!


Did you check each type of your variables, “TempMemberStatement”, “EIR” and “MemberStatementRowCount”? Try a “Write Line” to see if you can show them and you’ll see if you have a Format error.

If your datatable comes from an Excel Application Scope, you may have an issue of conversion. You can check the box “Preserve format” to avoid any conversion.


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