Unable to update or download any new pakages

I am using Studio Community version.

Please help to resolve this issue

Can you add these package sources https://uipath.pkgs.visualstudio.com/Public.Feeds/_packaging/UiPath-Official/nuget/v3/index.json and https://packages.uipath.com/activities to your UiPath Studio and retry the download of UiPath[]?

Hi can you please help me steps to add these package sources in uipath studio

As i tried to copy to URL and paste over chrome i’m getting and error page

Thanks in advance

Hello @km81

Can try to choose another package version and try to install?


I have tried installing Microsoft 365, I am getting same error even trying to install other pakages

Please try to access the https://uipath.pkgs.visualstudio.com/Public.Feeds/_packaging/UiPath-Official/nuget/v3/index.json in a new browser tab. Are you able to see a JSON response?

Provide a screenshot.


Here you can add the package sources in your UiPath Studio.


Are you having a proxy in place on your Studio machine?

Thanks for great help, it works i’m able to update or install new packages.

But after updating i am getting error in For Each row in data table activity
If anybody can please help me with this also it would of great help.
Thanks in Advance

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This issue has been fixed in the latest System 22.8 package version.