Unable to update a Variable in Drop down list using 'For Each Row' activity

I can use Type Into Activity with “Text” and send hotkey i.e “CRD.2019.11.00099k[Enter]” but after apply For Each Activity with “Row(“Deal ID”).ToString[k(enter)]” and send hotkey found error.

.Kindly advise.

Please try this:
row(“Deal ID”).ToString + “[K(enter)]”

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It should be like this.

   row("Deal ID").Tostring+ "[k(enter)]"
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The second one works because it is complete a string, so it will be compiled successfully and works at runtime without errors.

The first expression, you are trying to convert object to string using ToString method. In this case the expression has to end before concatenating with other expression or strings. That’s why you are getting compilation error.

As @SowmyaLeo suggested, use it as a separate expressions.

Karthik Byggari

Thank you all of you @lakshman,SowmyaLeo and @KarthikByggari we can do as per your advice but Current i found an error

, the process struck at the field menu but can not process for each low activity. kind advice. thanks again

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Here, Deal ID field looks like drop down field. Use Select Item activity instead of Type Into activity.

Hi @natchakrit

Try updating “Deal ID” in ‘selector’ of ‘Click activity’.

I try Select Item activity but found the error Select%20Item%202 Select%20Item%203

try to update selector but don’t know how to do it

Thanks All

As you said it got stuck in this activity may I know what xx was the error we were getting on that point
Kindly run in debug mode to know what error we get here
And is SEND WINDOW MESSAGE PROPERTY enabled in the property panel of type into activity
as we have used hotkeys along the string

Cheers @natchakrit

@ Palaniyappan
I try to it again but it not stuck on Click Activity but it stuck on Read Range Activity (wanna for each row activity to input data in excel to my desktop application)

by the way, the fields that I wanna automate is a dropdown list so I change activity from type into to be select item but it not success and found the errorSelect%20Item Thanks for you help

For this Before the EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE use KILL PROCESS activity and mention the processname property as “EXCEL”
Cheers @natchakrit

it’s work now.

in case the excel file have many column / many row to input in desktop application, how to specific one by one to their position. Thanks.

it can be done within FOR EACH ROW LOOP Where specific the column name and each row value of it can be used
Cheers @natchakrit

For Each Row Loop it mean For Each Row activity the select Go Back Activity ?

By the way, I wanna have solution after I use send hot key to maximize window then use click menu in desktop application but it stuck as per picture below but after I manual click the desktop application in task bar (the red circle) the process can continue.

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