Unable to type || or [] in C# mode


When choosing the C# mode (instead of the VB mode), we cannot type special characters such as || or [ or ] in Studio. I have to copy/paste from Notepad each time…


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I am able to type all three.

Where (at which activity or screen) you are facing this issue?

Can you please share an example (a screenshot) where you encounter this issue?
Also what version of Studio are you using and what language is your keyboard set?

Hi Alexandru,

I have this issue for each activity. I have a French keyboard, so to type [ I use alt gr+5, to type { I use alt gr+4 and to type | I use alt gr + 6

For example, for a if condition if I want to write " | ", I have this message error

Other example I can give you is when I type these characters in a Write line, they don’t appear at all.

I am also using Studio 2021.4.4.


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We have good news for you :slight_smile: We fixed this issue in 21.10 so please give it a try when you have the chance.


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