Unable to type into input field

Hello All,

I am trying to automate SPA(single page application) built using React.js.
My Case is :
To type into the input field after typing two characters, it provides the relevant search option in the dropdown.

Query: My script is click on that UI element but doesn’t type anything into the input field

Hey Sejal,

you are trying to select from drop down/ combo box?


hello @sejal.vala try with hotkeys after reached to input field just click enter and followed by down arrows and tab . I think it should work. let me know if its not work

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use select item activity with passing String parameter.
if you need to get all the dropdown items then you can use find children activity and pass that item names inside
select item activity under for each activity


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Thanks for your quick response @aditya.prakash , @venkateshgorantla I am going to try this solution, and will update you soon. Thanks again!